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As the second oldest state in the country, there’s no denying Pennsylvania’s incredible history. From agricultural museums to mining museums, anywhere you travel in the Keystone State, you’re bound to get a nice history lesson.

In Washington, PA, you’ll find one of our personal favorite museums, the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum. Truly, it’s one of a kind.

Trolley Good Fun

When the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum opened in 1954, it was a pretty small outfit. At the time, the museum had only three trolley cars to its name. However, as news of its mission spread – a mission to preserve a unique piece of PA’s history – state railway companies began donating to the museum’s collection.

Today, the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum has almost 50 different cars, as well as 600 worldwide members and 150 volunteers. With the help of all these folks, the museum can preserve the much-loved history of the Pennsylvania railway.

Why Visit the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum?

While trolley cars were at one time a major part of urban transportation, they’re now nothing more than an artifact from a far simpler time. Many of Pennsylvania’s oldest trolley cars have been lost to age or simply thrown to the wayside, but those that the trolley museum has managed to get ahold of have been meticulously maintained.

When you step foot in the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum, you’ll be instantly transported to a different time. Between photographs, written histories, and the trolleys themselves, you’ll get a real glimpse into the last century.

It’s Time to Ride History on a Trolley

At this museum, you don’t just get to look. You get to touch. Or, more accurately, you get to ride. You and your family can either hop on the trolley for a nice, leisurely ride or you can sign up for an Operator for an Hour package.

The package is fairly self-explanatory. For an entire hour, one of the museum’s operators will take you out and put you in control. Truly, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

It’s Time to Go Back to the Good Old Days

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to ride on a real-life trolley car, you’ll no longer have to just take Grandma’s word for it. Now, you can experience for yourself by visiting the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum. Check them out on Facebook today to learn more.

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While this metropolitan Pittsburgh town is often dwarfed by its much larger (and louder) neighbor, Washington, PA, is a pretty happening place in its own right.

If you’re looking for fresh activities on your next night out in Washington, you shouldn’t have trouble finding something fun. Take a peek at this helpful guide for some great new ideas!

Tanger Outlets | Connect on Facebook

For: the shopper

After a long week at work, there’s something truly euphoric about a bit of retail therapy. And with the Tanger Outlets here in Washington, you’ll have more stores at your disposal than you can count.

 Whether you’re looking for jewelry, accessories, clothes, or shoes, you’ll find it all at the outlets. And you’ll have access to some great designer brands, too. Your wallet may protest, but your closet will be happy!

Washington Wild Things | Connect on Facebook

For: the sports fan

Pittsburgh Pirates tickets tend to be a little pricey. Fortunately for the local baseball lover, tickets for a Washington Wild Things game are only a fraction of the cost (with just as much fun in the end).

Of course, there’s more to do at the official Wild Things stadium (Wild Things Park) than just baseball. The stadium also hosts concerts, festivals, and baseball camps. You should be able to find something fun there year-round.

The Washington Winery | Connect on Facebook

For: the wino

For most of recorded history, wine has been considered one of the finer things in life. Of course, a $5 bottle isn’t much to write home about. But when you visit Washington Winery, you can sip on some of the best wines the area has to offer.

Every California grape you’ll find in this wine has been hand-selected before making its way into the barrel. And that meticulous care really shines on your palate. Be sure to bring a DD for this one!

There’s More to Washington PA Than Meets the Eye

It might come across as just a small, quiet town. But once you get settled in, you’ll see that there’s plenty of excitement to be had here in Washington, PA. These three great attractions are proof of that! Connect with them on social media today to learn more.

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