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2016 Honda Civic Coupe Essential Specs and Features

Honda Civic Coupe

The compact sedan segment is in constant evolution every year with all manufacturers designing more state-of-the-art technology and engine functions in their vehicles. The 2016 Honda Civic Coupe is a brilliant example of a vehicle that is constantly adapting to change as it has perhaps more features than your average compact sedan. This year’s Civic Coupe has a jaw-dropping exterior design that meshes well with a modified engine. It also features some very modern technology and safety that are essential in buying a vehicle. The Civic Coupe is available to any budget. In Washington, PA, Washington Honda is a reputable dealership that offers all trims of the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe.


With any sedan designed as a sports car, a powerful engine is always necessary. For the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe , this two door beauty features a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder engine that accelerates the vehicle at maximum speeds of 174 horsepower with 162 pound feet of torque. To allow the Civic to produce great fuel efficiency, Honda has included a 6-speed manual transmission that utilizes variable valve timing.


There is absolutely nothing boring about the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe's exterior design as the vehicle is sleek and extremely athletic. It has a front end bumper that features projector beam halogen headlights and automatic fog lights. Moving to the sides of the Civic, the sedan is supported by four sporty 17” alloy wheels that complement two body colored side mirrors with an expanded view feature on the driver side mirror. Additionally, these side mirrors even have their own power-heated features for driving under cold temperatures. In the back of the EX-L is an automatic trunk release that is powered by smart keyless entry system.

Stepping inside the Civic Coupe’s interior, there is a lot of space ideal for transporting 5 passengers. The interior of the Coupe features leather front and rear seats with power and manual adjustable features as well as ergonomic lumbar support to provide essential comfort to all passengers.


The 2016 Honda Civic Coupe is perfect for those who require a lot of modern tech in their vehicles. Outside, the Coupe has remote keyless entry system that locks/unlocks all vehicle doors and trunk release automatically. This system utilizes key fob sensing that requires the vehicle key to be in its close proximity in order to unlock all entrances. The Civic also has power-heated side mirrors that prevent smog accumulation when driving under colder temperatures. Other additional features of the Coupe are:

  • Rear View Camera - Captures clear video feed of the vehicle’s rear and transmits live video feed to the HondaLink Entertainment System for safe backup parking.
  • Backup Sensors - Chime in alert sounds that guide users in parking safely.

The interior of the Coupe also has some very amazing technology such as:

  • HondaLink Entertainment System
  • Navigation
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio
  • LCD Screen with Touch-Screen Interface
  • Steering Wheel Controls 
  • USB/Auxiliary Ports for Mobile Device Synchronization


Allowing the 2016 Civic Coupe to provide total vehicular and passenger protection, Honda has loaded the sedan with essential exterior safety features. It has anti-theft alarm system that protects the vehicle’s exterior. In the event of a vehicular theft, the system disengages an engine immobilizer that suspends engine activation temporarily. It also has other essential on-road safety features such as:

  • Stability Control - This system ensures users are always able to maneuver their vehicles safely.
  • Electronic Brake Distribution - Evenly distributes brake pressure on all vehicle wheels to provide further brake stability.
  • Traction Control - This feature also ensures total suspension safety.
  • Tire-pressure Monitoring System - Monitors all tires efficiently and alerts users of low or insufficient tire air.
  • Anti-Lock Brakes - Keeps the sedan stable in the event of sudden braking on the road from sliding or skidding during braking.

Inside, the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe also has essential safety features such as:


  • Multiple Airbags
  • Front and rear seat seatbelts
  • Child Seat Fasteners
  • Child Safety Locks

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