June 2016
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To Avoid Getting Stranded, Follow This Road-Trip Maintenance Checklist

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Planning a road trip this summer? If so, you are probably in the midst of making your list of must-haves and must-dos before leaving town. Now, recheck your list. Are there any car maintenance services on it? Don't feel bad if your car didn't make the list; you are one of millions that often overlook the basic needs of your vehicle. But remember, nothing can ruin a road trip more than your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere. So before hitting the road, follow this road-trip maintenance checklist to ensure you don't get stuck on the side of the road.


Check Tires: Before leaving town, be sure to check the condition of each tire. Check for any bald spots or worn treads. Each tire should have a tread depth of 2/32 inches. You can check this by placing a penny between the treads – be sure Lincoln's head is upside down. If you are able to see Lincoln's head, the tire is worn and should be replaced. While you are checking your tires, don't forget to also inspect the spare!


Another important thing to check is your tire pressure. Tires that are over-inflated or under-inflated pose a serious safety risk, causing a number of negative problems, including: tire damage, inadequate traction, a decrease in fuel economy, and poor handling.


Check Fluids: Your car is made up of many fluids – from engine oil and transmission fluid to windshield wiper and brake fluid. Without just one of these fluids, your car won't operate as it should, so be sure to inspect and verify that all fluids are at the correct level and tapped off before leaving town.


Check Belts and Hoses: Overtime, belts and hoses can suffer from wear and tear and require replacing. For belts, inspect them to see if they are brittle, frayed, cracked, loose or showing other signs of excessive wear. For hoses, check for leaks, soft spots or cracking. If you notice any of these things, have them replaced.


Inspect Brakes: Brakes are crucial to safety on the road, so be sure to inspect them before leaving town. Listen and feel for any noises, squeaking or shaking that may occur when applying the brakes. If your brakes show any of these signs, get them inspected immediately.


Check Lights: Your car has a number of different lights like headlights, taillights and turn signals. Be sure all are working properly before going out of town. Headlights can become foggy, which decreases light intensity. When this happens, visibility is lowered, especially at night. If you have any broken lights, watch out because you may be pulled over and given a ticket.


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