June 2016
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Boost Fuel Economy With These Gas-Saving Tips

Honda Civic

Everyone wants better fuel economy. So how do you get it? One way is to opt for smaller cars like the 2016 Honda Civic. Another way to increase fuel economy even more is to invest in hybrid vehicles like the 2015 Honda Civic Hybrid. But, as the summer months blaze hotter and hotter, even the most fuel efficient cars can suffer. To beat the heat and improve fuel economy, check out these gas-saving tips.


The Most Important Factor. Summer months can see temperatures so high they are unbearable. The only way to combat scorching heat and still manage to get where you need to go is to use the air conditioner. You may praise the air conditioning Gods that have supplied your car with cold air, but if you want to get good fuel economy, the AC can really diminish your chances. Under very hot conditions, your AC can actually reduce fuel economy by more than 25%! This is a huge percentage that causes more gas money to be spent and more trips to the gas station to be made.


You may be asking why you can't just roll down the windows and avoid the loss in gas. Well, here's why:


One – if your car is scorching hot on the inside, chances are outside isn't much better. Opening the windows will, of course, provide some air flow, but you will definitely still melt into a sweaty puddle right in your seat.


Two – rolling your windows down can reduce fuel economy. Opening windows increases aerodynamic drag (wind resistance). This causes your vehicle to use more energy as it pushes through the air. At low speeds, this doesn't create much – if any – fuel loss; however, at fast speeds, this can cause quite a drop in gas.


Here are some ways to improve fuel economy in hot weather.

  • Avoid using the AC more than necessary. Also, set the temperature lower than needed.

  • Park in the shade or use a sunshade. This will help keep your cabin cooler.

  • When first getting in your car, drive with the windows down for a short time before using the AC. By letting hot air out of the cabin first, less stress will be put on your AC, and your vehicle will cool faster.

  • Don't run the AC while idling.

  • Don't idle while waiting for your AC to cool down. AC systems cool faster when the vehicle is driving.

Check out the 2016 Honda and learn more about fuel economy at our Honda dealership in Washington, PA.


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