March 2016
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Top Reasons Why Purchasing a New Car is the Best Choice


There are many things to consider when deciding whether or not to buy a car. Where should I look? How much can I afford? Do I even really need a car? All of these questions may come to mind, but another important one to ask yourself is whether you should buy new or used. There are advantages to both, but to help you along in the decision-making process, here is a list of reasons why a new car, like the Honda Accord, may be the best choice.

Custom Made: When shopping for a brand-new car, you have the luxury perk of getting it made exactly how you want it. You get to pick the color, trim level and even get to choose from a variety of optional add-ons and packages. Used cars don’t have this option, so when you opt for used, you get exactly what you find.

Easier Shopping: One major benefit to buying a brand-new car is that it is often much easier to shop for a new car than a used one. If you already know the vehicle, or at least the brand you’re interested in, the finding process can then be handed over to a salesperson. Shopping for a used car can be much more of a hassle for the shopper - internet searches, visiting multiple private sellers, and driving from lot to lot is much easier said than done.

It’s Not Used: Well, obviously. But, it’s still worth pointing out. One reason why it is an advantage that a new car has never had any previous owners is because it has never had the chance to be in any prior accidents, not has it suffered any wear and tear. Having a new car means there is no past history you will have to potentially deal with, instead, it’s future history beings with you.

Safety: If you compare new and used cars, you will find that new cars offer much better safety. This is due to stricter vehicle safety laws that continue to occur over time. Laws like these force automakers to build cars and safety systems that meet certain requirements, otherwise they aren’t allowed on the road. While you’ll easily find safety systems like rearview cameras and blind-spot warning systems in new cars, you definitely won’t in older, used vehicles.

Warranty: There’s no better warranty you can get than one that comes from a new car’s manufacturer. You also won’t have to pay extra for it, like you would have to do if you opted for a used car.

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