March 2016
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Top Reasons Why Minivans Deserve Respect


Okay, so they aren’t as sexy as a sports car or as rugged as a truck, but there are many reasons why owning a minivan can add convenience to your life, and can even be an enjoyable experience. The next time you put down a minivan, here are some reasons why they actually deserve your respect.

Ultimate Passenger Space: Minivans are the ultimate choice if you need to haul around a lot of people. Sure, many SUVs are equipped with three rows and eight-passenger seating, but these don’t provide the same amount of passenger wiggle room as minivans do. Many of these SUVs often can’t even fit adults in the third row, sometimes not even tweens. Minivans, on the other hand, provide the room to make all occupants on board comfortable and content.

Minivans also deliver easy accessibility for all of those passengers they hold, which makes climbing in and out simple. Automatic sliding doors can also be found on most minivans, which makes accessibility even easier.

Excellent Storage: Whether you have a family to tote around or not, anyone who buys a minivan will find storage capacity to be a leading quality. Minivans feature rear cargo bays that are large, but when you lower rear seats, overall cargo capacity truly explodes. Groceries, luggage, band equipment, and more can be stored with no problem in a minivan. Now, what other vehicle can you say can do that?

Hauling Capability: Need to haul everyday items? What about heavy furniture after a trip to IKEA? Got large plants and heavy bags of fertilizer to move? If you’re like many, your first instinct is probably that you need a truck. But this is definitely not true. Just as minivans can haul a lot of people, they can also haul most everything else. Instead of giving up the space of a minivan for the small cabin of a truck, just remember that minivans have both the space and the hauling capabilities to be a double winner.

Safety: For all of the precious passengers and cargo items on board your minivan, safety is of utmost concern for many. On top of the required and necessary safety equipment found in minivans, you will also find them just as full of safety technology as other vehicles. Minivans are up-to-date in all of the latest and greatest tech features like blind-spot warning systems, rearview cameras, and collision and mitigation systems and alerts. So not only are you just as ôwith it as the driver in the red Mustang or silver SUV at the red light next to you, but everyone on board is extra protected.

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