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Ensure Child Safety with These Helpful Car Seat Tips


Do you have kids? One? Two? Maybe three or four? Even more? Wow! Well then this blog is definitely for you! Whether you have just one child or a whole Brady Bunch gang, you probably spend a lot of time in the car. From doctor appointments and preschool to trips to grandma’s house, cars are essential to life with children. So, you’ve done the first step and have a car, but do you have the car seat(s) required in your Honda?

Children, especially newborn babies, are not of correct size to properly be protected by standard seat belts in cars. This is why car seats are so crucial to ensure their safety on the road. It hasn’t always been required, but nowadays cars have to follow certain child-seat safety laws before they are allowed on the market. Here are some tips to ensure your child is safe on the road.

Children Ride in Back: The safest place for children age 12 and under to ride in a car is in the backseat. Never install car seats in the front! This creates a very dangerous, and possibly fatal situation.

Make Buckle Snug: Once your child is sitting in their car seat, buck all buckles and secure them. You want to ensure the seat belt harness provides a rather snug fit in order to provide the proper protection. To check tightness, you should only be able to slip one finger underneath the straps located at your child’s chest. The harness clip should be placed on the chest at armpit level.

Infants Ride Backwards: Infants should ride in a rear-facing car seat until age one or at least 20 to 22 pounds. For extra safety, install specially-designed car seat mirrors while driving that allow you to view your child from your rearview mirror.

Booster Seats: When your child hits 40 pounds, they can then ride in just a booster seat. (Adult lap belts fit most children much better at 40 pounds and up.) Until then, keep your child in a car seat that has a full seat-belt harness for as along as possible. Also, don’t forget to secure the booster seat to your vehicle just as you would a regular car seat.

Older Children: Questioning whether your child is ready to be completely car seat free? Typically, the adult lap and shoulder belt system will not fit children until they are at least 4 feet 9 inches tall and weigh about 80 pounds. They also must meet the following guidelines:

  • Child must be tall enough to sit on seat (without slouching), with knees bent at the edge of the seat. Feet should rest flat on the floor.
  • Lap belt must fit low and tight across upper thighs.
  • Shoulder belt should rest over the shoulder and across the chest.

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