January 2016
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Top Benefits of SUVs, Starring the 2016 Honda Pilot


Honda Pilot

SUVS stand as one of the most popular choices on the automotive market - and it doesn’t seem as though they’ll being going out of style any time soon. One SUV that provides everything one needs is the 2016 Honda Pilot. While known for its big and blocky appearance, the Pilot has been fully redesigned for the 2016 lineup year. It now shows off a more traditional appearance that actually fits its personality and consumers much better. On top of that, the new Pilot also features a host of new improvements, from better storage and enhanced technology to increased sound-deadening features that make for a smoother, more luxurious ride.

If you’re trying to decide whether to opt for an SUV, here’s a look at the many perks SUVs, like the 2016 Honda Pilot, offer.

Extra Seating: If you have a large load of passengers, SUVs provide extra seating accommodations that regular cars just can’t. Many, like the Pilot, offer seating between seven and eight with the help of third-row seating. This is a great perk for those with large families or who require room for carpooling. Cars and trucks definitely can’t fit this many passengers, and vans aren’t always a fave due to their bulky appearance and handling. Opting for SUVs, like the Pilot, stand right in the middle for perfect styling and passenger accommodations.

Hauling Versatility: Another big perk about SUVs, including the Pilot, is the extra hauling capabilities they offer. Third-row seating not only helps tote more passengers, but it also means more room to haul cargo. Going out of town and even just going on errands for groceries is definitely made easy with the extra cargo space available. The 2016 Pilot features a removable floor panel behind the third row, which creates more storage space when all seats are in use.

Increased Safety: You may not have considered this fact, as most tend to overlook it, but SUVs are designed with increased safety in mind. The pilot, as well as other SUVs, are raised higher above ground than most cars. This means a lessened chance of damage because they can drive over debris or small objects that may be found on roadways.

Another feature of SUVs that you may not have considered to be a safety aid is the front grille. Grilles aren’t just for looks - even if they do provide it. Instead, grilles are actually designed to equip SUVs with extra protection. They can catch debris and other objects so they don’t come in contact with the front of the vehicle. Grilles can handle a lot of force thrown at it, too, which enables it to dissipate the force before it does any damage to the vehicle or passengers on board.

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