October 2015
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Maximize Resale Value with the 2015 Honda CR-V and Helpful Pointers


Honda CR-V

The 2015 Honda CR-V has been a favorite among SUV shoppers for some time. And with Honda’s carefully-crafted formula for the 2015 models, the CR-V continues to be a class leader in top-shelf compact SUVs.

Honda enhances the newest CR-V with freshed exterior styling, richer feature content, front console armrest and rear climate vents. It also gains tech upgrades with a seven-inch touchscreen that links to a LaneWatch blind-spot monitoring system on upper trim levels. There is also a new high-end Touring trim that features additional safety technologies.

What’s most appealing is Honda’s decision to equip the CR-V with a direct-injected four-cylinder engine and continuously variable transmission (CVT). This revised 2.4-liter engine results in a more exhilarating driving experience, plus it means much higher fuel efficiency that makes the 2015 CR-V among the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid crossovers on the market.

While all of the new perks found in the 2015 CR-V are great and help increase its appeal even further, most of what’s loved about the CR-V is what’s been there all along - low cost and high resale value. If either of these pros appeal to you, continue reading.

Resale value is a major bonus for consumers, especially those that only plan to keep a car for a few years. Here are a few helpful tips to maximize the resale value of your Honda CR-V.

Buy a Value-Holding Vehicle: If you’ve purchased Honda’s CR-V, you’ve already done this important and helpful tip. Good job! There are many factors that influence a vehicle’s resale value, including desirability and reliability. A vehicle’s brand also plays a large role in resale value - the Honda brand being one that holds it value well.

Choose Content Wisely: When it comes to car content, some things hurt while others help. Two things that will help increase resale value is air conditioning and a sunroof. Extra packages and add-ons can be a lot of fun and can really personalize a vehicle to fit your own personality, however, this can pose a problem when it comes to resale value. You might love a 12-speaker sound system or DVD player, but most people don’t want to shell out extra cash for gadgets in a used vehicle. Moderate content is always best for good resale value.

Drive Safe: Being a safe driver is obviously a must when it comes to safety for you and others, but it is also important if you want your vehicle to have a good resale value. Any history of collision damage can put a dent in value. If your car is in a collision, be sure to have repairs done by an experienced and reputable repair shop; also insist on using factory parts.

Keep it Clean: A clean car - inside and out - is a must in order to keep resale value high. Washing and waxing on a regular basis will help protect paint and prevent oxidation and peeling. Be sure to avoid any interior stains, too. Pet hair and the smell of stale cigarette smoke are also damaging to resale value, so avoid both at all costs.

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