October 2015
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Increase Fuel Economy in the 2015 Honda Accord with Some Helpful Tips


Honda Accord

ôDon’t mess with success. This saying rings true for the 2015 Honda Accord. Besides a minor shuffling of standard features, the newest Accord sees no true changes. So what makes the Accord so successful? For starters, it provides a roomy and high-quality interior with lots of features, which provides passengers with an enjoyable traveling experience. For drivers, the Accord offers refined, efficient powertrains and responsive handling, plus quick acceleration, which makes it quite fun behind the wheel. On top of all that, it delivers excellent fuel economy with its 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. Opt for the Accord’s Hybrid model and rocket fuel economy even higher.

While the Accord is a top contender in fuel economy, there are many ways to further save on fuel. Here are a few.

Tire Pressure: One common cause of low MPG is under-inflated tires. When tires do not have the accurate amount of air, they are prone to rolling resistance. This means the engine has to work harder in order to keep the car moving, thus lowering fuel economy in the process.

Reduce Speed: As easy as it is to do, speeding is a sure-fire way to decrease fuel economy. So stick to the speed limit and reap the benefits.

Keep it Steady: Just as it’s important to follow the speed limit, it’s just as important to keep a steady pace. Continuous up and down acceleration and braking has a negative impact on fuel economy. The best way to maintain a constant speed is to use cruise control, along with taking it slow and easy on starts and stops.

Lighten Your Load: An easy way to improve gas mileage is to lighten your load. While it’s easy to store items in your car (strollers, tools, etc.), those extra pounds really add up. So keep your car free of extra weight for optimal fuel efficiency.

Keep a Clean Air Filter: Changing a car’s air filter is one of those often-overlooked maintenance services. But in less than five minutes, you can get a new air filter, plus many rewards. Dirty air filters cause a reduction in fuel efficiency and power because the engine has to work harder, leads to lower fuel economy.

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