June 2015
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Improve Fuel Economy with These Tips


Gas prices are a huge expense, which makes fuel economy a top selling point when buying a car. Hybrids are great; electric cars - even better. But no matter what you drive, there are ways to improve fuel economy. Check out some helpful tips below.

Avoid Idling: While we spend plenty of time in vehicles that move, we also spend a good deal of time in vehicles that idle. No matter where it happens – in heavy traffic or at a drive-thru window – an idling engine leads to plummeting fuel economy. For every hour your car spends idling, a quarter to a half gallon of fuel is burned. That time really adds up! To improve fuel economy, don’t waste fuel just sitting there. Instead, turn off your car. Starting a car takes only 10 seconds worth of fuel - that’s far less fuel burned than the likely five minutes plus you spend waiting for a cheeseburger at a drive-thru. So turn off your engine whenever you can!

Don’t Speed: Depending on your specific driving habits, fuel economy is affected. Driving at high speeds, rapid acceleration and braking, and so on, lead to more gas burned - and the more gas burned, the more fuel economy drops. When a vehicle drives over 50 mph, gasoline begins to decrease more rapidly. So watch your speed and drive defensively. Your gas tank will show the benefits of your nice driving style.

Keep it Light: We all do it - use our cars as a place to store certain bulky items we just haven’t felt like bringing inside. But did you know that the more weight your car totes around, the more fuel economy drops? By ditching unnecessary weight in your trunk and inside your cars cabin, you won’t burn as much gasoline, which means your fuel economy will rise.

Fuel-Efficient Vehicles: Fuel efficient vehicles not only save on fuel economy, they also save your bank account from being drained. Fuel-efficient vehicles, such as hybrids, get much better fuel efficiency. A car that gets 30 MPG verses one that gets only 20 MPG can lead to big savings - a good $600+ a year! But check this out - in five years, this number soars to over a whopping $3,000 in savings!

Hot vs. Cold: The temperature outside affects many things - including your car. Both hot and cold temperatures can cause a drop in fuel economy. Here are some tips to help beat the extreme temperatures Mother Nature can force upon us.


  • Don’t use the air conditioning more than needed.
  • Don’t set the air conditioning at a lower temperature than necessary.
  • Park in shady spots. This will decrease the heat inside the car, thus leading to less fuel burned by excessive air conditioning use.


  • Engines warm fastest when driven, so don’t let them idle in order to warm it - you’ll just waste gas.
  • Park in warmer locations, like a garage. This will keep the car’s initial engine temperature warmer.

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