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Tips to Increase Resale Value of your Honda

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Buying a car is exciting. But, most people are so caught up in the present moment of actually getting a new car that they typically don’t think about the potential resale value. A car’s resale value is based on many factors, such as age, mileage, general condition, equipment levels, etc. You may not know it, but if you buy a Honda, you’re one step closer to a decent resale value because of its history of reliability and quality. One Honda worth mentioning is the Honda Civic. Here are some tips to know about resale value.

Brand and Model: Depending on a car’s brand and model means either a nice resale value or one that’s next to nothing. Surprisingly, these things are actually higher on the resale value list than even the condition or quality of the car. Honda’s, like the Civic, are known for their reliability which drives its resale value much higher than brands that are less trustworthy.

Color: The highest resale value goes to cars that are black, white, or silver. Why? Cars in one of these three colors sell fastest, which ups their resale value. It may seem fun and more against the norm to have a car that’s yellow, green, or blue, but unfortunately, it can cost you in the end when resale value is lowered.

Drivetrain: Manual transmissions can be more exciting to drive and also produce better fuel economy, but they don’t offer as high of a resale value as an automatic transmission. So remember that if you’re hoping for better resale value down the road.

Technology: It seems like the more technology your car is loaded with, the higher the resale value would go, but the opposite is actually true. Buyers of used cars don’t want to shell out extra money for unnecessary technology. So just because you opted for all the jazz, don’t expect it to add to your resale value.

Interior and Exterior: Interior stains, holes in upholstery, pet hair, and smoking inside your car are all problems if you want to resell it. This is also true for bumps, scratches, and dents on your car’s exterior. The best way to ensure a higher resale value is to maintain good, general upkeep of your car’s interior and exterior.

Mileage: Cars are meant to take us wherever we want to go. That’s the whole point, right? The only problem with that is the more miles put on a car, the lower the resale value. So the next time you’re thinking about driving across country, you may want to opt for a plane ticket.

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