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For Low Insurance Rates, Opt for Honda’s that Score High in Safety


When you purchase a car, it’s important to remember that each and every car has a different insurance rate you will need to pay every month. Did you know that the safer your car is can actually lower its insurance rate? The better your car does in crash tests and the more safety features it has, like blind-spot monitors and lane-departure and forward-collision warning systems, the safer you’ll be on the road. This means a lower payout for accidents by insurers and a lower insurance rate for you.

Every year, crash test dummies are put to the test in a number of crash tests in order to provide a safety evaluation for consumers, as well as insurance companies. Insurance companies use these scores when choosing a vehicle’s insurance rate. Here’s an example: the 2011 Honda Civic was named a Top Safety Pick, which gives it a lower insurance rate, compared to say the 2011 Honda Accord that was not. Even though it’s the same brand, the Accord would have a higher insurance rate due to safety scores.

Here’s a look at the crash tests performed on new cars each year.

Rollover Tests: Rollover accidents are one of the most severe accident types, causing the worst injuries to your vehicle, and you! Cars that maintain their structure, as well as protect their passengers get much higher safety scores than those that don’t. One car that has exceeded in rollover tests is the 2012 Honda Civic. Cars like the Civic that score well in rollover tests are given much lower insurance rates.

Impact Tests (front, rear, side): Front-, rear-, and side-impact tests simulate both a car and a person’s body during impacts against heavy, rigid barriers, like SUV’s and trucks. Insurers look at these tests to figure out the risk of serious injury and vehicle damage, on top of how well seat belts and head restraints protect drivers from whiplash.

Electric Stability Control (ESC) tests: Vehicles that have ESC systems can prevent accidents from occurring. If a driver starts to lose control of their car, the risk of an accident is lowered when ESC sensors come to life and take over for the driver, like applying a brake to stop specific wheels from skidding or to reduce engine speed. Cars with ESC are favorites of insurance companies because risks of accidents are reduced, which means less of a chance of a payout for damage and injuries. In turn, cars with ESC have lower insurance rates.

Low-Speed Crash Tests: It may seem silly to check the endurance of vehicles at low speeds, but minor fender benders, like in a parking lot, can cost thousands in damages that your insurer will have to pay to fix. This being said, even low-speed crash tests serve a purpose.

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