February 2015
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Civic Comes Back Faster, Stronger, Better for Washington PA Car Buyers


Honda Civic

Like most people, you may have failed to catch up with the on-going saga that is happening with the Honda Civic. Let this article give you a refresher. Receiving total revamp for its 2012 model year, the Honda Civic received mixed reviews from both supporters and critics. It had strong sales for the said model year, but with all the reviews, Honda decided to provide an emergency makeover and immediately implemented it for the 2013 model year. However, most upgrades were given to the sedan version, as the coupe appeared to be relatively similar to its precedent model years. For 2014, the coupe caught up with the sedan's initial upgrades, while the sedan added even more features to it.


Let us begin with the upgrades that both vehicles received. Two of the major changes that most would notice is its completely revamped and upgraded infotainment system as well as its continuously variable transmission (CVT). The CVT serves as a replacement to the somehow outdated (at least in this segment) five-speed automatic and performs a great job with it. It is related but not similar to the Accord's CVT yet behaves like it. It is mostly one of the top ranking CVTs out in the market with its behavior that is similar to an automatic gearbox, especially in replicating shifts in which it does not merely jump to one RPM and stagnates there. Its most remarkable edge over the other versions is its smoother ride that is way above the old five-speed gearbox. The new CVT obliterates all the bumpy and rather jerky driving experience that the old transmission had. Directly comparing it to the 2013 model year, the entire powertrain of the recent model is definitely more refined and smoother.

The CVT, however, is not all that perfect, as no transmission is. Its drawback is found in its effect to the vehicle's speed. The assertive first gear in the old transmission had the sporty feel of slightly causing you to pushback on your seat when starting from a stop. All that thrill is gone in the new CVT. It may have a smoother ride but if you're the type that enjoys the surge of driving your mobile, it falls short in providing that. Other than that, the new generation of Civics does not feel any slower nor faster than last year's edition. Unless you drive it in a Sport mode, which, fortunately, is finally available and is even coupled with paddle shifters. As expected of any Sport driving mode, it revs up the engines and drives more aggressively resulting to a more responsive and sprightly vehicle. As a matter of fact, it makes the standard Drive mode look rather virginal since the Drive mode's focus is on comfort and relaxation with its quickly shifting CVT that drives like a seven-speed gearbox.

With all its new features, the system is also found with flaws, primarily found in its sensitivity. At most times, inputs were recognized but if the virtual button was not pressed long enough, it would fake up a light, but won't really recognize your input. Comparing it to the fluidity of response in smartphones, it doesn't even become at par. This was most evident in typing addresses as the system lagged down as it attempted to narrow the search as the address was being plugged in. Without this time consuming lag in its touchscreen interface, the system worked greatly and is considerably one of the better ones out in the market.

At this point, most that has been discussed were only the changes made to both body types. However, there were improvements that only the coupe version received. Such upgrades include a relatively stiffer suspension and some exterior nips and tucks. Most noteworthy among all the exterior styling changes is its grille and headlights which resembles that of the new Fit compact hatchback. Most people are not really buying these new improvements but the overall revamp still has its commendable aspects. One of these is its more aggressive lower fascia and bolder personality which enables the Civic to compete head to head with the top of the line players in this category. New headlights and some artistic dents are also incorporated along the bumper, spicing things up a little. Other than these mentioned, the coupe also receives exclusive wheels as part of its upgrade.

The improvements and upgrades to each Civic body type should give it a more visually appealing impression allowing it to compete with other top performers in this extremely cut-throat class. They may have not sky rocketed back to the top of the segment's rank, but at least, with the Civic's new generation, they are no longer lagging behind other automakers, placing them out of the risky position of falling off of the line. Given the fact that the Civic is already among the sales leader in this class, these improvements should help sustain that.

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