January 2015
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Washington Honda Kicks Off a Big Year for the New CR-V

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V

Honda plans to take on 2015 with bigger plans after facing a hard blow on its sales in 2014. New Models of the HR-V crossover and NSX supercar are said to be on the top line of this game plan together with revisions and replacements of other cars in this category.

The plan starts its execution with the revamp of the CR-V making it the first model to be released with Honda's new 1.6-liter twin-turbocharged diesel engine. This new engine replaces its predecessor, a 2.2-liter diesel, and offers a higher 158 horsepower capable of producing 258 pound-feet of torque. The engine also promises notably lower carbon emissions and a higher fuel economy.

Powertrain and Performance

The CR-V comes exclusively on a four-wheel drive and can be paired to either a manual six-speed or a nine-speed automatic transmission. Similar to the engine, the gearbox does not only promise a more efficient performance, but also boasts of its less weight (65kg less than the original five-speed automatic transmission) allowing for the vehicle to be lighter and more agile.

This loss in weight has also allowed the Japanese auto firm to execute a variety of minor changes to the suspension that targets to upgrade the vehicle's maneuverability and ride comfort. These are evident with the wider front and rear track, smaller diameter roll bar at the front, revised geometry and new bushes, and an improved steering that is more responsive.

Interior and Exterior Features

The new CR-V also features thicker door seals and new carpets as a part of their upgrades so as to improve rolling refinement. It also has a new Android-based entertainment package that includes a seven-inch touchscreen system with WiFi connectivity for accessing the internet.

Additional updates on system also feature intelligent Active Cruise Control (iACC) which has the ability to monitor other lane traffic and automatically adjusts the car's speed if another vehicle is to pull out in front of you all of a sudden.

These changes are also visually represented by the restyled bumpers, a wider grille, and the rearrangement of LEDs on the rear.

Behind the Wheel Feels

Honda's engineers clearly have put much focus on minimizing internal friction in the four-cylinder, making it very refined with only an almost muted rattle upon starting the engine and a minimal growl (not unpleasant) as the engine heats up for driving.

Despite its size, its engine does a pretty good job in terms of speed considering that it is carrying a big SUV. It recorded a 0-60mph rate of 10 seconds with enough punch through the rev to allow overtaking. This is made possible by the use of sequential turbocharging which utilize a smaller, more responsive turbo allowing boost at low revs and a bigger item to takeover in the mid-range. Switching between the two is also smooth, providing the kind of graceful shove you would want to come out of a 2.0-liter.

The gearbox makes for a smooth shifting, allowing you to drive with ease without having to struggle for the correct ratio, and even reacts swiftly whenever the occupant decides to supersede the gears manually.

Steering is very consistently responsive and surprisingly stable at high speed despite its massive weight making the CR-V a good highway vehicle. Its good grip and resistance to understeer make up for its lack of real feel behind the front wheels and its habit to lean heavily on corners. Overall, the CR-V comes as a surprise in being quite responsive for this type and size of a vehicle.

Most importantly, it is soundly quiet and is able to control its weight pretty well over mid-corner bumpsùan overall nice ride. We can't really expect sports car qualities from the CR-V, but for an SUV, it's a pretty decent vehicle to drive and own.

Interior upgrades are a mixture of practical and gimmicky features with high end materials but an occasionally slow responsive dual-screen setup. To offset that setback, however, it provides comfortable seats and a surprisingly spacious interior layout allowing three full-sized adults to sit comfortably at the back without the middle seat occupant having to crunch over a transmission tunnel since its floor is completely flat.

Honda claims that it could carry four sets of golf clubs or even two mountain bikes if you fold the rears seats completely flat on the floor.

All in all, it is above average when it comes to driving and is nicely manufactured with its wide space for passenger and cargo. Its drawback, however, may come in price since a decent BMW X3 or an Audi Q5 are in the same price range, posing a direct competitor. While there would be a cheaper version of it, the HR-V, it will not be introduced until later this year, which may possibly lead to a reduced market sales as Honda has expected.

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