September 2014
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Washington, PA, Here’s How to Tell If Your Used Honda Accord Brakes Are Failing

Honda Accord

Used Honda Accord

No matter how new or old your used Honda Accord is, there is still a chance that the brakes might eventually fail. The trick is to catch them before they do. Mechanics say that if the driver hears an unusual sound coming from the brakes, they should immediately stop driving the car. For this reason, learn to detect these signs that can point to a problem with the brake pedals:

1. Low Fluid Levels

Examine the tank containing the fluids to determine the fluid level. If the level is too low, fill it up. At times, the tank or the oil may contain debris and dirt; drain the oil, clean the tank, and fill it up with the recommended fluid. Keep in mind to put the fluid in the tank slowly to prevent it from splashing on your engine or clothes.

2. Replace the Brake Pads

When you buy your vehicle, be sure to check the brake pads regularly. If the brake pads are worn, replace them instantly. Your dealership can provide you with replacements or you can find them at an auto repair shop.

3. Check the Brake Fluid for Dirt

Regardless of how tightly you close the tank, the brake fluid in it can still become filthy and dirty. Contaminants such as water, debris, and dirt can find their way inside the fluid. Like the brake pads check the brake fluid regularly to see if it's clean or not. Refer to the car's manual to find out which brake fluid you should buy for your car.

4. Inspect the Brake Booster

If you think the brake booster is at fault here, connect the booster to a vacuum measurement gadget to see if you need to replace them. If the gadget detects a problem, take the car to a mechanic.

Brake failure can result in a fatal crash. If you think that your brakes are making strange noises don't wait for the situation to get worse. Malfunctioning brakes will not only be a threat to you, but to your passengers and pedestrians as well.

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