September 2014
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Used Honda Pilot – 4 Mistakes People make When Buying a Used Car in Washington, PA

Used Honda Pilot

Used Honda Pilot

Are you thinking of buying a used Honda Pilot? If you want to buy a used car, you should carry out proper research and conduct an inspection to determine if buying the car is worth the expense or not. If you don't follow these two guidelines, just as others have done in the past, you will also be making four mistakes that most first time buyers frequently make. What are those four mistakes? Read on to find out:

1. Neglecting to Research

You have to consider all the factors such as fuel economy, safety features, seating space, and any other factors that concern you prior to buying it. For instance, research tells me that the Honda Pilot provides good fuel economy, is spacious, and experts have given it top marks for safety.

2. Going Over Budget

Even though buying a used vehicle is inexpensive compared to newer cars, different models and makes of that car will have different resale values. Before you go to a dealership, determine how much you are able to spend and get all your finances straightened out.

3. Always Take the Car for a Test Drive

Ask the salesperson to schedule a test drive. Come with a friend or partner to examine the car with you. Additionally, you can bring a mechanic or someone who knows cars really well, with you. Take your sweet time driving that car around; at least spend 20 minutes driving it. During the test drive, you will be better able to determine if the car's right for you.

4. Inspect the Most Minute Details

If you are buying the car from other than a dealership, you might want to take the car to a mechanic first. The mechanic will inspect the car thoroughly informing you of any problems that he/she detected. You don't want to encounter problems with the car after you have bought it so it's better to know them beforehand before you hand over the money.

At Washington Honda in Washington, PA, we provide our customers with the best deals. We guarantee that you won't be disappointed with your car. Come on down to purchase your very own vehicle at an affordable price. Be sure to check our blog regularly for amazing car tips.

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