September 2014
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How to Test Drive a Used Honda CR-V in Washington, PA

Honda CR-V

Used Honda CR-V

Driving a car before you purchase it can help you make an informed decision. Investing in a car whether used or new is a major decision that shouldn't be made just because you like how a car looks. For instance, let's say you are planning to buy a used Honda CR-V EX, overall a spectacular car, and you tell the dealership that you want to take it for a test drive first. Once you are behind the wheel, it's time to put the car through a test.

1. How comfortable are the Seats?

Instantly, sitting on the seat will give you a feel for it. Are they soft or hard? Does the seat provide you with good back support and leg space? Lastly, ask yourself, if you could manage to sit behind the wheel for more than one hour during a road trip.

2. Do you like the Layout of the Car's Cockpit Ergonomics?

Most people have an idea of how they want the car's cockpit ergonomics to look like. The Honda CR's cockpit is pretty impressive, but the looks alone shouldn't determine your purchase. Think about the following points:

  • The height of the steering wheel
  • The position of the gauges when you adjust the wheel
  • The location of the radio and heater controls, try adjusting them to see if you can do so easily without taking your eyes off the road
  • Open the car windows to see how far they can be rolled down

3. Does the Engine make too Much Noise?

While driving the car, listen to the noises the engine makes. For instance, a tapping or ticking sound may indicate a problem with the engine. If tapping continues throughout the drive, the car may have a bad hydraulic filter or the valves may require adjustment. If the car is equipped with power steering, turn it from side to side to listen for a squeal.

4. Does the Steering Vibrate?

The steering shouldn't vibrate, but if it does, a tire may be unbalanced. If the wheel shakes when you brake, the problem may lie in the warped brake rotor.

Washington Honda located in Washington, PA welcomes customers to come and test-drive their many vehicles. We make sure to keep only those vehicles that we have personally put through the wringer. Keep checking our blog to get more tips on how to keep your vehicle looking new.

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