August 2014
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Why Should You Buy the 2013 Honda Odyssey LX V6, a Van from Washington Honda?

Honda Odyssey

2013 Honda Odyssey LX V6

The 2013 Honda Odyssey, a van, is a family-friendly vehicle. Large families benefit from buying a van due to it spacious seating and comfortable interior. Although most people are turned off by the mere announcement of the word van, the car is useful in many ways. The 2013 Honda Odyssey may be a van, but it is a stylish one. You would look fabulous driving it. If the beauty of the Honda Odyssey won’t convince you of its worth, the reasons below may persuade you:

  1. Vans have Better Fuel Economy
    1. One thing all vans share is the fuel economy it provides the driver. Large families can go on long trips and not have to worry about stopping at gas stations to fill out the tank. Families that want to switch to a more compact car that saves them money on gas can make the switch to a van. On a side note, you will have additional money left to arrange a road trip.
  2. Vans are Equipped with Safety Features
    1. Since vans are family-friendly vehicles they come equipped with all the latest safety features. In vans, you will most often find knee airbags, rear-view cameras, and other safety features. Vans are always crash tested, as their main target market is families.
  3. Children Will Love the Van's Features
    1. Going on long trips with kids will not be a hassle, as kids can entertain themselves with the van's entertainment features. Some vans, not all, are usually equipped with entertainment systems, iPod interfaces, and Bluetooth capabilities. Throughout the whole trip, your children may not make a peep, as they will occupy themselves with the van's entertainment system.
  4. Vans are Spacious
    1. What is that one thing that becomes a problem when going on trips? Apart from getting your kids to agree (if you have any), parents have to worry about fitting in all the suitcases. Fortunately, with vans, parents will not have to face this issue. The Honda Odyssey for instance is a spacious vehicle with a roomy interior to keep your belongings safe.

If you are in the market for a van, we suggest you buy the 2013 Honda Odyssey LX V6. If you don’t like vans, we have other vehicles that you can purchase. Visit our blog and us.

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