August 2014
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When Should You Buy a New Engine Air Filter for Your Used Honda Accord?

2013 Honda Accord

Used Honda Accord

Engine air filter prevent debris from entering your engine, but what happens when the air filter, itself, is filled with it? When your used Honda Accord's air filter accumulates dust overtime, you will need to replace it with a new one. What can happen if you don't replace it? You engine will work harder and the car will use up more fuel resulting in more expenditures.

How can you tell when you need a new air filter? Here is how you can tell:

  1. Look at the Owner's Manual
    1. When you bought your Honda Accord, you probably got an owner's manual with it. The owner's manual will tell you when you need to replace your engine's air filter.
  2. Your Location Matters
    1. Another indication that your engine's air filter may need to be changed depends on where you reside. If you live close to the beach, sand will clog up the air filter really fast. You may need to check the air filter often to see how much debris has formed on it.
  3. Examine the Engine's Air Filter
    1. Open the hood of your engine to access the air filter. Examine the air filter for dirt, sand, and debris. In addition to that, look for oil saturation as well. If you happen to find a lot of dirt and debris, replace the air filter. In case of oil saturation, do not change the air filter. That is when you need to take your car to the mechanic. Also, look for any unwanted objects lodged into it.
  4. Decide if You Really Need a New Air Filter
    1. The decision depends on the condition of the air filter. If the filter appears excessively filthy or it's falling apart, it is better that you don't wait to replace it, but do it instantly. If a repair shop asks you to change the air filter for instance, ask them to show you the condition of the air filter first before they change it. After they have installed the new filter, ask them to let you view it to see if they actually did what they said.

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