August 2014
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Washington, PA, Why a Used Honda Fit Sport is Your Perfect Fit?

Honda Fit

Used Honda Fit Sport

The Honda Fit is a five-door subcompact hatchback sedan that rides smoothly on the roads. Most people may not prefer a small car to a bigger one due to the awe and admiration the latter typically evokes.

However that's a common misconception. Having a small car has many advantages especially for people who live alone or drive long distances to work. In today's age of rising fuel prices, the Honda Fit is like an unexpected blessing. Here is why you should make this car a permanent fixture in your driveway:

  1. Comes with Loads of Features
    1. Unlike its predecessors, this vehicle is quite different. When the hatchbacks were first introduced they didn't inspire much confidence from buyers, but that's not the case anymore. The makers of the 2008 Honda Fit furnished the car with amazing features such as keyless remote entry, six-speaker system that plays MP3 and Window Media files, cruise control, and padded automatic shift, which the driver can access from the steering wheel.
  2. Guaranteed to Save You Money on Fuel
    1. Rising fuel prices, for some, may have exhausted their spending power. In order to keep your tank full, you may had to make a few unwilling sacrifices such vacations, stopped going to your favorite restaurant, but most of all stopped partying. The increase in fuel prices has given everyone a mini heart attack, which the Honda Fit can prevent.
    2. The Honda Fit is known for its superb fuel economy on the roads. The tank's fuel capacity is a little over ten gallons and can get you 33 miles per gallon in the city while on the highway you get 38 miles per gallon. It's a win-win situation for the drivers; they get a fabulous car with fuel saving capabilities.
  3. Inexpensive to Maintain
    1. The Honda Fit due to it being a small car is easy to maintain because they have a lower base price compared to other vehicles. Fuel, repairs, insurance, and maintenance of a small car such as this one will be a breeze.

If you think the Honda Fit fits your needs, do come over to Washington Honda in Washington, PA. At our car dealership, you can find an array of high quality used cars. Keep visiting our blog to find more awesome tips.

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