August 2014
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Used Honda CR-V – The Vehicle that Stopped me Dead in My Tracks in Washington, PA

Honda CR-V

Used Honda CR-V

These blog posts are from guest authors who bought cars from us and wanted to share their stories.

You are at the mall, you see the girl/boy of your dreams, and she/he stares back at you, your eyes meet, and instant attraction. I was looking for something like that to happen with me, but in the context of a car. I was yet to find that one car that would sweep me off my feet. If I only knew that in a couple of months, I would run into one in a parking lot.

Just like every day after my shift, I headed for the bus stop to catch my bus. While I was on my way, a car backed out suddenly and I jumped back. The driver got out and began to apologize profusely, but the car's presence had captivated all my senses. The only question I asked him was about the make and model of this car he was driving.

Surprised to hear me ask something so odd, he told me that it was a used Honda CR-V SE. I prodded him for more information. That day I learned that it was a used 2011 model, but the dealership he bought the car from sold high quality used cars. He also told me that so far he had no trouble driving the vehicle. He offered me a ride back home, which I happily accepted.

The interior of the Honda CR-V SE was quite spacious, the features were up-to-date, and the safety features were reliable. We exchanged phone numbers and he promised to take me to the car dealership the next day.

He picked me up in his car and we went to the car dealership. Lucky for me, they still had a Honda CR-V SE in stock. The sales person offered me to take it for a test drive, which again I happily accepted. Being in such a grand vehicle was a wonderful experience and I wasted no time in signing the contract.

If you have a story about a vehicle that you just had to buy as soon as you saw it, please share it with us and we will publish it on our blog. We hope to see you soon at Washington Honda in Washington, PA, the largest seller of used and new cars.

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