August 2014
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How to Properly Inspect the Brakes of Your Used Honda Pilot EX-L

Used Honda Pilot

Used Honda Pilot EX-L Brake Tests

Your Used Honda Pilot will remain in superb condition if you properly conduct a thorough inspection of the entire car. You have to look at various things such engine, tires, oil leaks, and brakes. Right now, the focus is on brakes, as they are a critical part of securing the vehicle readying it for driving it on the road and highway. Therefore, automobile drivers need to comprehend the importance of taking the vehicle out on the road and here is how they can do it:

  1. Inspect the Brake Discs
    1. If the discs are dirty, clean them before proceeding. After that, inspect the thin groves found inside the discs, they should be smooth. If the groves look distorted or worn, replace them. Replace them even if you only encounter a fault with one of the discs.
  2. Inspect the Brake Pads
    1. Upon inspection, if the brake pads are 1/8 inch left on the pads, replace them instantly. Do not wait until they are totally worn out, as they can damage the discs (discs are expensive to replace). Brake pads are cheaper to replace and you should check your 2008 Honda Pilot's brakes regularly.
  3. Inspect the Brake Rotor Thickness
    1. Ask the car dealership or refer to the Honda Pilot's manual to see the required brake rotor thickness. Most manufacturers suggest that drivers should maintain 0.3 to 0.6 brake rotor thickness. If the vehicle's brakes are not within these margins, replace them.
  4. Inspect the Brake Lines
    1. A soft rubber conceals the brake lines. If the soft rubber is cracked or stiff, replace the brake lines. Driving with eroded brake lines is extremely dangerous and you should avoid driving your vehicle until your Honda Pilot is equipped with new ones.
  5. Inspect the Brake Fluid
    1. If you are unsure about what brake fluid your Honda Pilot uses, refer to its car manual or ask a mechanic. Plus check the level of brake fluid regularly. If the level is too low, fill it up with the correct brake fluid, as the wrong one can damage the car. Remember to inspect them at least twice a year.

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