June 2014
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Should You Own a Used Honda Odyssey Minivan or a Honda CR-V

Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey Minivan and the Honda CR-V both have all the characteristics of a reliable family car. These vehicles are affordable, comfortable, and spacious for a family of four to sit in. To help make up your mind, presented to you are the advantages and disadvantages of minivans and SUV:

Honda Odyssey: Pros and Cons

If you have small children for an instance a toddler, minivans would be the better choice. With a minivan, the sliding doors assist in easily getting in and out of the car. In addition, due to minivans low ground clearance, pulling in and out of the garage or parking spot is effortless. For long trips, you can depend on a minivan to entertain your kids. Most minivans come equipped with back seat entertainment system and tri-zone climate control. Adults will be pleased with the gas mileage and the ample cargo space the minivan offers.

Although the benefits of minivans are many, they do have their downside. When people think of minivans, they think of a bus, but smaller. The thought of having a minivan parked in their driveway or even sitting behind the wheel in one is enough for them to let go of the idea of owning one. Moreover, the children do not want to be picked up in a minivan from school or a friend's house. Therefore, many families decide to forgo the minivan and settle for a SUV instead.

Honda CR-V SUV: Pros and Cons

One thing that minivans fail to offer is a 4-wheel drive. A 4-wheel drive enables the vehicle to get through heavy snowfall. People living in snowy states prefer to buy an SUV, as they need a car that they can rely on during bad weather. The SUV's stylish shape more than makes up for the minivan's shortcomings in shape. In addition to styling, the SUV provides families to choose from an array of SUVs (big, small, gasoline, diesel, hybrid,), a choice they do not get with minivans.

Then there are the drawbacks of owning a SUV. SUVs are expensive, inconvenient seating arrangement, less cargo space, and lack in drivability. Still, many families prefer SUVs to minivans.

If you want a lower price, more seating space, and comfortable drive, go with a minivan. If you want more choices, a car to tackle the weather, and style, go with a SUV. You can find both vehicles at Washington Honda in Washington, PA.

Washington Honda specializes in new and used Honda cars, trucks, hybrids and SUVs.
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