June 2014
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My Used Honda Odyssey Minivan and The Prank that Came True

Used Honda Odyssey

These blog posts are from guest authors who bought cars from us and wanted to share their stories.

My parents bought me a Honda Odyssey Minivan on April fool's day. They could have bought me any car, but they chose to buy me a minivan. On April 1, I got my driver's permit. I was extremely excited and could not wait to purchase my very first car. However, my parents had already purchased a car on my behalf.

When I got home, my parents were giggling and eyeing each other like children. After a while, I wondered what was up. For a few minutes, they neglected to tell me the secret that they were holding with dear life. That is when I suspected that they might have bought me car. Of course, I was thinking that they probably had bought something awesome for me. I thought maybe a SUV, a Jeep, or if they were very generous, a sports car. After they couldn't contain themselves, they took me outside and opened the garage door.

Standing parked inside the garage was a Honda Odyssey Minivan. I was beyond mortified and felt like fainting when they handed me the keys. Was this an April Fool's Day Joke? In fact, it was an April Fool's day, but it was not joke, it was reality. They had actually bought the car for me to drive in. In addition, they thought that it would be funny to see my reaction. After some hours looking at it, I took it for spin wishing that my parents would call me up and say it was an April Fool's day joke.

Immediately I fell in love with the minivan's entertainment system. The minivan glided smoothly on the road. I took the van to my best friend's house to let her see it. She liked the minivan, as it was spacious. She reminded me that this car is perfect for us to take for our planned road trip next summer. Although I wasn't convinced, I made the best of this vehicle. Now, it happily lives with me in my humble mode. Was it the best prank ever? No, I do not think so.

- Erin F.

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