June 2014
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I Gifted My Wife with a Used Honda Civic and She Freaked

Used Honda Civic

These blog posts are from guest authors who bought cars from us and wanted to share their stories.

A few months ago, I bought a used Honda Civic for my wife. I had heard rave reviews about this car from my friends. I knew that my wife was nagging me to buy her a car for a long time. I saw her birthday as the perfect opportunity to do so. I came across this car when I was visiting my friend in Pittsburgh, PA.

My wife and I were planning to move there because my company had relocated me there. While I was searching for a house, my wife was busy at home packing up things in the old house. My friend owned this car and when I was at his house, he let me take it out for a drive. I loved how comfortable the car was to sit in. The other thing I loved about the car that it was given a five star rating when it was put through various crash tests. The features of the Civic weren't bad either.

The vehicle was equipped with an mp3 player, cruise control, power locks, auxiliary jack, and fold down seats. I immediately felt this was the perfect car. Before I could really decide, I needed to know how good the engine of this car was. The car was run on a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine with 40-horsepower, not bad for a Civic. The day before my wife's arrival to our new city, I went with my friend and bought the car.

When my wife pulled in the driveway, she screamed and hugged me. She was so delighted to see the car. In fact, she knew just by looking at it, that it was for her. She doesn't nag me anymore and she loves that car. I am glad I went to the right dealership and got a car that didn't cost me a fortune and made my wife happy. I recommended that all husbands planning to surprise their wife with a car should go to the same dealership as me.

- Sam C.

If you want to surprise someone with a used car, come to Washington Honda in Washington, PA. After you have surprised them, please share it with us so we can publish it on our blog. At Washington Honda, we guarantee satisfaction.

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