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How to Save Gas When Driving the Honda Accord

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Honda Accord

Did your plans to go on a road trip in your newly purchased Honda Accord been halted, when you figured the amount of money that would go towards gas? With your plans cancelled, you sit there watching television waiting for a brilliantly idea to strike you. Guess what, the much awaited stroke of lightning is about to happen. If you want your road trip dreams to come true, follow these tips to save money on gas:

Purchase Gas Gift Cards

There are sites that provide people with discounted gas gift cards. Gas gift cards are available for gas stations like Mobil, Gulf, and Shell. It wouldn't be a bad investment, as you are getting a gas card worth $100, buy you only pay $95 for it. In doing so, you will save $5 in free gas. That $5 can go towards food.

Do Not Drive Like a Maniac

You have probably seen people who accelerate their way past traffic or cut in front of cars when the traffic light turns green. When you do that, you are burning up fuel faster than you can say, ôHonda. Instead, when you come across a green light, accelerate slowly and when approaching a red light brake gradually. While on the highway, use cruise control to maneuver the lanes, a feature available in the Honda Accord.

Turn off the Engine

During your road trip, you might stop at grocery store along the way if you spot one. Your spouse or kids will tell you that it will only take a minute, as they only want to get one thing from the store. To avoid restarting the car, you may choose to keep the engine running. Don't you know that it never takes a minute? Hence, the logical thing to do would be to turn off the engine or go inside the grocery store with them. The longer your engine runs the more gas it consumes.

Plan Ahead

Download gas applications on your phone to find out what gas stations in your area have the best gas prices. Gas experts say that people should not buy gas on the weekends or during holiday seasons unless it's an emergency. Instead, try filling up the gas tank on Wednesday and Thursday before 10 AM.

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