May 2014
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Washington, PA: What Makes a Honda Different From All Other Vehicles?


What makes Honda Different?

Every automotive manufacturer has a distinct appeal or a trademark feature to ride upon on; KIA's are famous for their inexpensive ownership costs, Toyotas have world class reliability and Hyundaiàwell, we don't want to go there. But what is it about a used Honda that makes it different from any other manufacturer? As Washington Honda is one of the biggest Honda dealerships in Washington, we have had plenty of chances to test out used Honda Pilots, Civics, Ridgelines and pretty much anything else Honda has marketed in the region. The answer is not one, but in fact many reasons as to why a used Honda is better than any other brand on the market.

Extraordinary Interior Space

This is probably the most famous feature of the Japanese manufacturer; getting as much interior space as possible. A primary example of this is the Honda Fit, which is the smallest Honda model ever sold by Honda dealerships in Washington, PA. Though it sports minimalistic dimensions and being a hatchback, the rear legroom comes close to beating the Toyota Corolla, which is a compact sedan. This was done by implementing some innovative design modifications such as the rear suspension design which allowed the fuel tank to be fitted beneath the passenger seat.

Combining Driving Pleasure with Practicality

Here's something we recommend you do; take a test drive of a midsized Buick or Toyota Avalon, after which take a used Honda Accord out for a spin. You'll immediately notice how well the Honda Accord handles and performs as compared to the above. This is because Honda not only focused on practicality aspects such as fuel economy, but also made sure that the drive of the Honda Accord was involving and fast paced. It's no wonder why the Honda Accord has constantly been rated the top model across Honda dealerships in Washington.

The Best of Everything

Perhaps the best thing about owning a used Honda is that the manufacturer doesn't focus on just one factor such as performance or fuel economy. Rather, it aims to provide the best of everything. Take a used Honda Civic for instance; not only is the car compact and inexpensive, it also provides very good fuel economy, has the looks and can drive like a race car if you want it to.

Come on down to Washington Honda Pittsburgh and experience the Honda factor yourself!

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