May 2014
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Three Minor Things That Honda Dealerships in Washington Check To Determine the Condition of a Car

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Buying a used Honda Civic, Accord or any other model in Washington, PA isn't as simple as it seems. You see, while a majority of used car sellers are honest, there are some that take advantage of a buyers gullibility and sell them an accidental car that requires thousands of dollars in repairs. Reverse mileages, overhauled engines and touchups are an unfortunate reality among Honda dealerships in Washington. However, at Washington Honda, we believe in complete honesty when dealing with our customers; here are three Minor things you can check to prevent yourself from fraud.

Key Hole

This is a secret technique used by experienced buyers to check whether the reading on the mileage meter is genuine or has been tempered with. Have you ever noticed how you may take multiple attempts to insert the key into the ignition, especially during the night? Well, what happens is that overtime, the missed attempts result in minor scratches around the keyhole. The more a car is used, the more the scratches around the key hole.

Startup Time

The startup time of a car can point to the condition of its engine. See, when a car is brand new, it takes around 2 seconds for the engine to start. Overtime, the startup motor get weak and the engine takes more time to startup. This is something that can also be seen in older cars, where multiple startup attempts are required to get the engine going. If the startup time takes more than 5 seconds, the engine may need overhauling, costing four digit figures in the process. It would be wise to avoid such an investment.

Dimming Lights

And finally, the intensity of the headlights can also be used to judge the battery's condition. As a car gets older, the battery loses its capacity and gets weaker. Fluctuation of the car's headlights or interior equipment is a sign of trouble. And while a battery may cost around $200, locating one that is compatible with an older out of production car can be a tedious process.

The next time you are buying a used car from a seller or Honda dealership in Washington, PA, make sure to check these three things. You may also buy directly from us at Washington Honda, where all of our used Honda models are thoroughly inspected before being placed on the lot.

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