May 2014
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Is the Honda Fit the Perfect Car For Washington, PA Roads?

Honda Fit

Honda Fit

The Fit is one of Honda's best selling models across North America, even beating the Civic and CR-V in terms of units sold. This may be due to the fact that it was introduced right around the turn of the millennium, when the gas crisis had started to effect prices as well. It may also be because the Fit is one of Honda's most practical models, which is saying something given the popularity that the Accord enjoys. No, it isn't a beast on the tracks of Washington, PA, nor is it a luxury cruiser. It is, however, something that every Washington resident needs, whether they would like to admit it or not.

Why a used Honda Fit May Serve As the Perfect Car?

Ever got stuck in your sedan during rush hour traffic and wishing you had a smaller car to navigate through the traffic? This is actually a very common scenario on the roads of Washington, where there are more cars than there are parking spots. What if someone told you that there was a car that had the interior room of your sedan but was almost twice as compact in terms of dimensions. That's exactly what the Honda Fit is, which achieved this incredible feat through many innovative design implementations such as the placement of the fuel tank beneath the passenger seat. So while the Fit may be dwarfed by pretty much anything else on the roads, it still sports a huge interior.

Fuel Economy

Gas prices are rising, with an expected increase of 200% within the next decade. Keeping that in mind, Honda designed the Fit to be as fuel efficient as possible, achieving one of the highest EPA ratings among all non-hybrid cars. Sure, you may wonder why you shouldn't go for a hybrid car altogether, and we"ve got the answer for that too. Hybrids are still in their infancy, as most of them cannot cross six digits on the mileage meter without a few hiccups. The low sales volumes of hybrids also make them a risky investment, since locating spare parts may become a nightmare. With the high sales volumes and consumer base of the Fit, you can be sure to save a couple hundred dollars just in servicing and repairs.

To end, the Honda Fit may not be the perfect car, but it is definitely something that every Washington resident needs for his daily commute. Come have a look at some used Honda Fit models at Washington Honda Pittsburgh.

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