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3 Important Things You Should Check When Purchasing a Used Honda Ridgeline in Washington, PA

2013 Honda Ridgeline

Used Honda Ridgeline

At the low price that most used Honda Ridgeline models go for across various Honda dealerships in Washington, it may seem like a very attractive purchase. After all, who wouldn't want a monstrous high capacity pickup truck for less than 20 grand? However, a used Honda Ridgeline is a much more complicated purchase than you think, and a lower price doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good buy. In fact, it could actually mean the opposite, as the car might be accidental or could have undergone serious bodywork. Here are three things you should check for when buying a used Honda Ridgeline:

Service and Ownership History

It might sound a little obvious, but surprisingly, many buyers fail to check these important documents. It's no secret that every car goes through servicing after a few years, but the service history can signify a fault with the car's underpinnings. A car that has been to the workshop too often doesn't necessarily mean that it has a fault, especially considering the nature of work that these pickups are subjected too. A bearing alignment or fixture is common for such vehicles, but if major work has been done within the engine itself (such as overhauling), it's a sign of trouble.


Washington, PA is quite in close proximity to many bodies of water, which means there is a fair amount of humidity within the air. This is bad news for a car, whose underbody consists of iron and is at risk of rusting. This is why the first thing you should be examining in a Ridgeline at a Honda dealership in Washington is the underside of the car. If it has a fair amount of rust, let it go as this may prove to be problematic in the future.


Among other things, you can check if a car is accidental or not by simply knocking on the body. If the frame resonates a hollow sound, you're good to go. But if you hear something different, you may want to get it checked with a mechanic. The thing about cheap repair jobs is that they are easily identifiable. However, at times you may not be able to differentiate between the sounds.

Thankfully, we have a team of specialists here at Washington Honda Pittsburgh, which make sure that all models that come here are in tip top condition. Therefore, you can buy with complete confidence at our dealership.

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