April 2014
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Haul Heavy Loads Across Washington, PA with the Goliath Honda Ridgeline

2013 Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline

The pickup truck segment has generally been an American dominated market, with a few Japanese offerings here and there. The Honda Ridgeline isn't your usual forgettable Japanese truck, however, as it sports the brawn to not only compete with but also beat local pickups at their own game.


The Japanese pickup is powered by a single V6 that's capable of producing just up to 250hp, which isn't all that impressive. But when you consider the extra traction that the All Wheel Drive system provides, you'll realize that the power and grip combination is perfect for hauling or towing huge loads across Washington, Pittsburgh. And let's not forget the five speed automatic transmission, which provides one of the smoothest gear shifts among all pickup trucks.


The Ridgeline truly is the Godzilla vehicle, giving the Nissan Armada direct competition in terms of size. Most Honda dealers in Washington have the Ridgeline available in a sole black color which makes it even more menacing. However, you can choose from a variety of colors at Washington Honda Pittsburgh.

Another distinguishing feature of the Ridgeline is the unique combination of a unibody as well as truck frame structure. While the underlying mechanical blueprints of the Ridgeline are similar to traditional trucks, the bed is latched onto the cabin in a uni-body frame that provides the vehicle with unprecedented handling ability while retaining the off road capability that's only possible with a truck based frame.

Unlike most pickup trucks that are featured in various body styles aimed at different consumers, the sole body style available for the Honda Ridgeline is a four door standard bed length. However, we found that the Ridgeline provides ample loading space as well as interior room which will suffice for most of the consumers in Washington, Pittsburgh.


There are about five trim levels available for the Ridgeline at Washington Honda; the base RT, sport, RTS, RTL and luxury oriented SE. However, even the base version doesn't fail to impress with its list of features such as air conditioning, adjustable rear seats, parking camera, power windows and accessories along with a six speaker audio system with CD deck. Going up the trims gets you niceties such as climate control, better sound systems, alloys, temperature controlled leather seats and even GPS and DVD entertainment systems.

The Honda Ridgeline could be yours at Washington Honda Pittsburgh, the most reputed of all Honda Dealers in Washington, Pittsburgh.

Washington Honda specializes in new and used Honda cars, trucks, hybrids and SUVs.
Located in Washington, PA. Serving Greater Pittsburgh, Canonsburg, Charleroi, McMurray and Waynesburg, Pennsylvania; and Morgantown and Wheeling, West Virginia.

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