February 2014
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The Honda Fit's Lively Handling makes it a Pleasant Surprise in the Subcompact Segment


Honda Fit

Set to defy the norms of the subcompact automotive segment, the Honda Fit is a jewel in the boring no-frills small vehicle market. People who opt for the subcompact segment of automotive generally don't expect the lineup to feature eye-catching styling and a fun-to-drive personality. With the Fit, Honda offers precisely that and is thus a game-changer. While retail price is already relatively low, consumers residing in the Pittsburgh, PA region can get their hands on used 2012 Honda Fit at incredibly low prices from Washington Honda, one of the most trusted Honda dealerships in the area.

Extremely Nimble Handling

Are you worried about the small car's performance on windy treacherous roads? Fret not, the Honda Fit handles extremely well. The responsive and nimble steering reacts to just a simple touch, and drivers are sure to fall in love with the fun-to-drive experience that the Fit offers. The hatchback version is fitted with an inline 1.5L four cylinder engine which, combined with a finely tuned suspension, enables the car to have a zippy quality to it while driving.

Stylish Interior Design

As mentioned before, the Honda Fit features style inside and out. With the exterior being quite eye-catching, the vehicle certainly doesn't disappoint when it comes to the interior either. Every aspect of the Fit's interior are designed with style and convenience in mind. Seating is quite spacious for a car its size, enabling full-size adults to be seated comfortable with nary a complaint. The true highlight of the interior though, is the "magic" rear seat. This option enables one to fold the bottom of the rear seats to fit equipment that would otherwise not be accommodated within due to larger height.

Smaller Engine Equals Higher Fuel Efficiency

Drivers say that the 1.5L engine, while being smaller than most of the Fit's rivals, still manages to offer decent power and speed, achieving 0 to 60 mph in just 9.5 seconds. Since the engine is smaller, the Honda Fit is able to attain incredible fuel economy. The automatic transmission variants of the Fit provide increased acceleration, but at the expense of slightly lower fuel economy.

In the subcompact car segment, the reliability and handling of the Honda Fit remains unmatched. Check out available used listings at Washington Honda if you reside in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area and are in search a trustworthy Honda car dealership.

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