February 2014
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Serving Pittsburgh, Canonsburg & Waynesburg, the Honda Ridgeline Offers the Ride Quality of a Car along with Workhorse Utility

2013 Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline

Alternative choices that offer a borderline solution in a particular set of automotive segments have always been available. Straddling the full-blown workhorse pickup truck category and the large-sized sedan segment, the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck is an alternative choice that offers the best of both worlds. The Ridgeline packs enough oomph to manage the usual heavy lifting tasks, while still driving like a car. If such a truck happens to be what you have been looking for all along, drop by our dealership at Washington Honda in the Pittsburgh, PA region to check out available used listings for the 2011 model of the Honda Ridgeline at amazing prices!

All the Power Most Will Ever Need

With such offerings that provide a borderline solution, people often tend to think that the vehicle is bound to fail in both areas it tries to be a part of; not so with the Honda Ridgeline though! The innovative pickup truck is fitted with a 250 horsepower V6 engine that enables it to haul around 5,000 pounds with relative ease, along with the capability to carry an estimated 1,500 pounds within its 5-foot rear bed. Of course, dedicated work pickup trucks can manage a lot more, but the Ridgeline does provide enough muscle for most heavy-lifting situations.

Comfortable Commuter

The aspect that attracts many consumers in the Honda Ridgeline is its carlike ride quality. The truck drives smoothly and one won't feel like they're driving a large heavy machine. The imposing figure of the truck is bound to turn heads wherever you go, while you drive with ease. For commutes in particular, the Ridgeline is an ideal choice when you need to carry cargo and need to do the occasional hauling in style.

A Lot of Features for the Price!

In terms of raw power, the Ridgeline falls short compared to dedicated work pickup trucks like the Ford F-150, but Honda didn't mean for the Ridgeline to compete on those terms. Priced significantly lower than the competition, the vehicle car-like ride and the huge array of standard features make it a feasible choice for all the active-minded people out there. Cruise Control, optional All-Wheel Drive, disc playback, and power sliding windows are among the bevy of equipped features in the Ridgeline.

Smart, cultured, and durable; get behind the wheel of used models of the 2011 Honda Ridgeline at Washington Honda, one of the most reliable Honda dealerships in the Pittsburgh, PA region.

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