February 2014
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If You Need an Affordable, Capable Three-Row Family Hauler, a Used Honda Pilot is IT!

Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot

So you need a vehicle for the entire family but don't want to opt for a minivan? That's what three-row SUVs are for! The Honda Pilot is one such large-sized SUV which provides a stylish alternative to a minivan, and is currently one of the bestselling SUVs for families in America. In the used market in particular, the Honda Pilot has seen a lot of action, with demand skyrocketing in Washington and Pittsburgh, PA for used variants of the vehicle. At Washington Honda, we strive to bring the best to our customers, and thus, we have stocked up on attractively priced used Honda Pilot models in excellent condition!

Tweaks and Adjustments All Around

The Honda Pilot has been around since quite some time, but with the 2012 model, Honda made a ton of adjustments and fixed all the nagging flaws that made the Pilot seem less than ideal for families before. Boosts to fuel economy, ride height, and brake performance have been provided which now make the vehicle a very appealing choice. If you are in the market for a used Honda Pilot, the 2012 model should be your preference.

Motivated by Power

Power is the name of the game in automotive these days, whether it's a family SUV, or just a no-frills compact sedan. Of course, with increased power, manufacturers also need to manage fuel consumption levels in their vehicle lineups. The Honda Pilot manages to exceed expectations on both counts. Fitted with a powerful 3.5L V6 engine that produces 250 horsepower as standard, the vehicle is still able to achieve great efficiency on the highway even with the all-wheel drive option; top of the class in the large-sized 4X4 category.

Spacious Third-Row Seats

In the three-row SUV segment, squashed third-row seats have become the norm, and are viable for small children only. With the spaciousness of the Honda Pilot's third row, one won't feel shortchanged, enabling adults to be seated comfortably in the last row. Even with such seating, the Pilot still manages to provide decent cargo space, which can be increased with the easily-foldable 2nd and 3rd row seats.

The Honda Pilot is an excellent well-rounded option for families. The finely-made suspensions are also ideal for the roads of Pittsburgh, soaking up ruts and bumps with ease. Drop by our regional dealership, Washington Honda, to get excellent deals on the 2012 Honda Pilot.

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